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Hormone Therapy 

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Experience Health at Every Age

Experience the transformative effects of our hormone therapy services designed for both men and women. Discover how hormone therapy can enhance your quality of life through the following:​
  • Experience a natural boost in energy, focus and cognitive function.

  • Improve your mental health, mood, and mental clarity. ​

  • Restore and enhance intimate connections with a healthy and revitalized sex drive.

  • Look and feel good in your own skin with growing hair, strong nails and glowing skin.

  • Balance and improve your body composition, weight distribution and more.. 

At Gershon Preventative Medicine, we guarantee exceptional care for our patients. Our of WorldlinkAdvanced certified providers are experts in hormone therapy and bioidentical replacement therapy, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of treatment. We take pride in building close relationships with our patients, providing the support and attention you deserve. Trust us to prioritize your health and work with you to achieve your optimal well-being.

Getting started is simple and easy with us.

Bioidentical Hormones


Safe & Effective


Transparent Pricing 


Membership Opportunities


Direct Provider Access


On-going Support

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New Patient Appointments: $350.00
  • Comprehensive Laboratory Testing and review
  • Health History Assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Consultation for Enrollment.

Questions about billing, schedule a discovery call today and get the information you need to plan for tomorrow.

Transparent Membership Plans

What's included


Personalized treatment plan

  • Prescription Management

  • Supplemental Protocols

  • Direct Provider Access

  • Personalized Patient Planner- to keep you on track with your goals and progress.


Three office visits with your hormone health provider.
Following your initial visit, your membership includes three additional office visits, to check-in with your hormone provider.


Laboratory testing included.

Certain laboratory testing, including comprehensive hormone panels and any additional tests your provider deems essential for managing your plan, are included as part of your membership benefits


Extensive health planning and patient resources.

  • Monthly newsletters

  • A dedicated patient care-support specialist.

  • Educational resources to help you feel secure and supported.​

  • and more...

Add-on services and treatments

Clinically-Guided Weight Loss 

  • 25% off your visit fees

Cosmetic Botox

  • 15% OFF per unit

Reduced Rates for Add-On Lab Testing

Access to hundreds of specialty lab services offered at a reduced rate by up to 50%.

As-needed office visits
Schedule a visit in-between routine check-ins for just a fraction of the cost.

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