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About Gershon Preventative

At Gershon Preventative Medicine, our mission is rooted in proactive healthcare. Through cutting-edge practices and personalized care, we empower men and women in Virginia Beach, VA and throughout Hampton Roads, to prioritize their well-being. Together, we're shaping a healthier future by focusing on prevention and holistic health approaches.

Our Specialties

  • Hormone Therapy

  • Menopause Management

  • PCOS 

  • Sexual Health & Wellness

  • GLP-1 Therapy

  • Clinical Weight Loss

  • Prescription & Non-prescription Treatment Plans

  • Symptom Management

Our Services

Have You Met Dr. Gershon?

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Experience Health at Every Age

Simplify Your Experience

Connect with GPM:
Explore our services & Schedule Your Consult

Intake & Onboarding:
Complete your health history intake forms.

Coordinate Your Care: Complete your labs & diagnostic orders.

Your Consultation:
Receive your results and recommendations

Access Your Health Plan &

Get Started

Intake & Onboarding:

Complete Your Health History, Schedule Your Service, Get Set up with Orders.

Our team will work with you every step of the way from guidance on scheduling and completing your intake. ​

  • Complete your New Patient Intake forms​

  • Tell us about your health conditions, concerns and goals

  • Establish your health goals 

  • Coordinate your lab orders 

Coordinate Your Care: 

Get your lab orders and set up your diagnostics

Your Clinical Consultation

Our Programs and Membership Plans inc

Your Health Plan

Receive your personal treatment plan and get started same-day

Some plans require membership

Learn more about our membership plans by scheduling a one-on-one coaching call.

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