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Hormone Health Care

A functional approach to health management.

Balancing Health with Hormones: Our Approach at Gershon Preventative Medicine

Hormones are vital to our health, orchestrating key functions in our body, yet they are often not given the attention they deserve in standard healthcare practices. At Gershon Preventative Medicine, we recognize the critical role hormones play in maintaining overall well-being.

We don't just look at hormones; we explore how they interact with every aspect of your health. Our method involves detailed, functional lab tests to thoroughly understand your hormonal landscape. This clinical insight is crucial in developing a personalized approach to your health care.

Our patient-first approach allows us to connect with you on a deeper level. We listen, understand, and work with you to create a health plan that aligns with your unique needs and lifestyle. Hormonal health isn't just a part of what we do – it's a cornerstone of our commitment to your overall wellness.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our process beings with a functional lab review and health assessment with one of our Advanced Certified Hormone Health Providers.

Functional and Comprehensive Lab Review

Functional lab testing offers a detailed view of a patient's health, going beyond conventional tests. It helps in understanding not just the presence of diseases, but also the risk factors and early signs of potential health issues.

Once it's determined that you are a candidate for treatment, enroll in our hormone membership program and get started on your journey to better health right away!

  • Prescription Plans

  • Supplemental protocols 

  • Quarterly health reviews with your provider

  • Exclusive patient resources

  • and more...

Our treatment plans typically span a three-month period, and to ensure the best possible outcomes for your health, we require check-ins with your healthcare provider every quarter. These regular consultations are essential to confirm the effectiveness and precision of your treatment plan, allowing us to tailor it continually to meet your health needs.

Natural Hormone Balancing
BHRT ois a safe and effective treatment for men and women

BHRT is a safe and effective treatment for men and women!

Hormone therapy aims to alleviate uncomfortable and unflattering symptoms commonly associated with hormone imbalance and decline such as:

  • Irregular sleep patterns 

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Low or loss of libido

  • Hair loss

  • Mood swings, irritability and depression

  • Weight gain 

  • and more.. 

Wondering if your symptoms are related to hormonal imbalance?

Take our free hormone quiz today!

Hormone Therapy Process

Membership- Health-Management

Our goal is to help patients manage their health with a clear understanding that it is not a quick-fix or a one-size-fits-all treatments. Hormone therapy plans are managed annually.

Your membership plan will include personalized protocols, prescription plans, and health management.

Health for the whole family

New Patient Appointments: $350.00


  • Comprehensive Laboratory Testing and review

  • Health History Assessment

  • Treatment Planning

  • Consultation for Enrollment.

Health and Hormone Plans are to be determined following your clinical consultation.

Questions about billing, schedule a discovery call today and get the information you need to plan for tomorrow.

Transparent Membership Plans

What's included


Personalized treatment plan

  • Prescription Management

  • Supplemental Protocols

  • Direct Provider Access

  • Personalized Patient Planner- to keep you on track with your goals and progress.


Three office visits with your hormone health provider.
Following your initial visit, your membership includes three additional office visits, to check-in with your hormone provider.


Laboratory testing included.

Certain laboratory testing, including comprehensive hormone panels and any additional tests your provider deems essential for managing your plan, are included as part of your membership benefits


Extensive health planning and patient resources.

  • Monthly newsletters

  • A dedicated patient care-support specialist.

  • Educational resources to help you feel secure and supported.​

  • and more...

Add-on services and treatments

Clinically-Guided Weight Loss 

  • 25% off your visit fees

Cosmetic Botox

  • 15% OFF per unit

Reduced Rates for Add-On Lab Testing

Access to hundreds of specialty lab services offered at a reduced rate by up to 50%.

As-needed office visits
Schedule a visit in-between routine check-ins for just a fraction of the cost.

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